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Established in 1975, and based on hard work and dedication, we have built an exceptional reputation with clients based throughout the UK. Using state of the art equipment there is very little we cannot achieve with regard to diesel ECUs and PCM repairs. All our work is fully guaranteed for 12 months and you will find our rates very competitive.

Whatever the problems with your diesel ECU, please give us a call. ECUs are probably one of the most sophisticated parts of a modern engine and are definitely not user serviceable!

Using very high tech equipment we can reproduce and monitor a faulty ECU on our test benches just as if it were still in your vehicle. We can carry out intricate hardware repairs and reprogram software if required.

Diesel engine ECUs are almost certainly the single most expensive replacement part in a vehicle, so repair is a very sensible option. In the first instance, you should send the unit to our workshops for an appraisal. Please do not bring your vehicles to us! The ECU is all we need, and in many cases it is easy to remove even without prior knowledge or experience.

It is also important you send us the right unit! There may be ECUs for other vehicle functions: ABS, Climate Control, Traction Control etc. Please note we do not repair these. Only the Main ECU controlling all the diesel engine functions.

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