Bosch Diesel EDC16U1

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The most common fault that we see with these causes an intermittent non-start or total non-start and no communications with diagnostics at that time. Less frequently we have reported to us, a mis-fire on one or more cylinders. In both cases we can repair your unit. All necessary parts are held in stock.

Bosch Diesel EDC15V Caddy, Inca, Polo

Water damage is common with these units. Loss of throttle control is a good indication that your ECU is faulty. If cought early enough we can repair your unit.

Siemens Diesel PPD1.x Diesel Series (1.1, 1.2, 1.5 etc)

These units are frequently sent to us for repair with a fault suggesting overcurrent main control relay. If this is the case please check for a short circuit injector as this is often so.

All Bosch VAG Group Diesel ECU - MSA15.5, EDC15V, EDC15P+, EDC15VM+, All EDC16 Series

Immobiliser issues. We can decode your unit to run free from the immobiliser

Bosch Diesel MSA15.5

Poor running, no turbo boost. A common failure for this type of unit is the internal MAP sensor. We normally recommend fitting an external MAP 250KpA and can fit your supplied unit.

EDC16U1 and EDC16U31

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