Bosch Diesel EDC15C2, single 88 pin plug.
We are able to fully test, & repair any of these units. Most of the early units can be decoded to run free from the immobiliser. We also stock replacements where necessary.

Bosch Diesel EDC15C2, three plug
We are able to fully test most of these units except for immobiliser issues as you will know, the immobiliser is generally in the car (BSI), not the ECU. Decodes are possible for most typres, all enquiries please state the Bosch part number beginning 0281xxxxxx.

Bosch Diesel EDC16C3
Intermittent non-start, complete non start and no communications with diagnostic equipment or mis-fire on one or more cylinders, we can repair your unit. Decoding is also possible.

Bosch Diesel EDC16C34
Generally a very reliable unit often damaged by 12v battery voltage shorting to the case or surrounding metalwork. We can repair most of these and a full decode is normally very successful.

Bosch Diesel EDC15C7
1.9L, 2L, 2.2L, 2.3L & 2.8L Common Rail Diesel ECU fitted to many light commercial vehicles, Citroen, Peugeot & Fiat. These are frequently being seen here with immobiliser issues. We can repair or decode your unit in most cases.

Siemens SID801 and SID801A
Tricky to work on and disliked by our technicians and engineers alike we are beginning to test some of the earlier Siemens ECU's. Decodes are also possible for many models.

Other Siemens PSA ECU's
Please phone or email for the latest information, testing is now possible for many types

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