Ford Ranger 2.5 Diesel ECU Mitsubishi WLF3
Another frequent visitor to our workshops the WLF3 often has poor running issues with black smoke, no glowplug relay operation or main control PCM relay operation.

Ford Fiesta/Fusion 1.4/1.6L TDCI Bosch EDC16C34 ECU
We frequently find that a flat battery causes immobiliser issues, non-start and no outcode available with diagnostics to reprogram keys to the the PCM. We can reprogram the PCM with software from another vehicle without this problem.

Ford/LDV Duratorq TDDi PCM ECU (LDV Convoy & Ford Transit)
DPC-635, DPC-655, DPC-805, DPC-806 & DPC-808 and variants. PATS immobiliser issues are frequently seen with these. With your keys we can repair & recode all keys. Unit dead and no communications with diagnostic equipment, we can repair your unit in most cases.

Lucas Epic FSD Dowla ECU 2.5TD
Mostly seen water damaged, these older Ford FSD units are often blamed for what is usually proven to be pump related problems. Used in the Ford Transit they rarely see water but in the LDV it is common for them to suffer serious corrosion over time. We have repaired hundreds of these.

Bosch Diesel EDC16C39 LDV Maxus and TX4 London Taxi
Despite our previous close business relationship with LDV we have been unable to establish full test or repair facilities for either the Euro3 Maxus (0281012165) or Euro4 Maxus (0281013348) ECU's. We have been asked on numerous occasions to carry out repair but unfortunately we are frequently unable to do so. We can transfer software to replacement units which we can supply if required.

Iveco EDC16C8 (0281011228) Diesel ECU
Poor starting cold/hot is a common problem, also water damaged connectors. We are also able to decode these to run free from the immobiliser.

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