Temic ZGS-001 series Diesel ECU
Frequently fitted to the Atigo/Actross series commercial vehicles, these have been visiting our workshops suffering from a mis-fire or lack of injection on one or more injector pumps, normally a bank of three on a six cylinder vehicle. Often a random period of time after boost starting. We are able to repair this problem and carry the spare parts to do so.

Bosch Diesel EDC15C0 & EDC15C6 CDi
Mercedes CDi EDC15 series. Loss or corruption of ECU coding (or immobiliser coding) can cause 'start error'. We can reset the ECU coding to a state where the unit can be paired with the immobiliser again.

Bosch Diesel EDC16C2
Cold start/hot start issues. Mis-fire on one or more cylinders. We can repair your unit.

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